Literature and Videos

We will be adding our literature and videos over the summer months.  In the meantime, you are welcome to contact the office at (613) 567-4278 and we can have a volunteer email you some literature, or join us at our monthly Support & Share Night program where we provide over 70 pieces of literature to choose from.


Our ‘Voices of Youth’ series below, was created by Marie Abbott in 2010.  Marie was a teenage summer student who wanted to create a legacy project for her to complete during her summer stay.  After some research, she learned that all the grief literature written for youth was written by adults.  She set out to change this by creating our ‘Voices of Youth’ literature series, written entirely by youth.

She spent the summer contacting youth from our past programs, youth around Canada and other parts of the world who had experience death and grief and asked them to send in their stories and answer some questions about their grief journeys.  She created a team of youth to review together the stories and answers and created the first 4 handouts.  She also reviewed many websites for youth and books and then listed the top ones.

Thank you Marie for your wonderful legacy!

1 – Voices of Youth – STORIES AND POEMS ON GRIEF
2 – Voices of Youth – WHAT IS GRIEF
3 – Voices of Youth – COPING WITH GRIEF
5 – Grief BOOKS for TEENS and KIDS
6 – Grief WEBSITES for Youth