We offer a Weekly Support and Share program in our office from 12-1:30 pm every Thursday, as well as a Monthly Support and Share program on the first Tuesday of every month, and our monthly MAiD Support Group is now offered at this time and venue as well.

We also offer closed, two month support groups that focus on specific topics each week, and they are offered in the spring and fall.  We offer groups for adults with all types of losses (loss of spouse, loss of child, etc), as well as a Grief Art Therapy for Kids group.

See the ‘SUPPORT’ pull down menu for information on our ongoing and seasonal programs.  Download our Brochure for a list of some of our programs and events.

How to find us:
Our office is located on the 3rd floor of the Bronson centre, 211 Bronson Ave, Suite 303.  We are at the top of the stairs found to the left of the Auditorium found directly as you come in the front doors. The building is wheelchair accessible and has an elevator that brings you to the 3rd floor. There are directional signs to the elevator, however, feel free to ask at the office in the foyer for directions to the elevator.


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