Youth Support Groups

Team of paper doll people holding hands

“My 2 sons were holding in a lot of grief and sadness; this has helped them both tremendously to start getting through their own grieving process”
BFO Art Therapy group participant

A peer program designed for children, teens and their parent or guardian, to help in grieving the death of a loved one.  The objective of this program is to help children and teens learn about grief through the sharing of their feelings, thoughts and experiences with other peers. In a separate group, the adults have an opportunity to share and learn from their own peers about the family experience.

Participants express and explore their feelings through various art forms and relaxation techniques.

**An over the phone interview/intake is required to register for any seasonal programs.  We also ask that adult participants experience our ‘ongoing’ programs before registering for a 10 week closed group.  See below for links to our ongoing programs.

Please contact the office at (613) 567-4278 or to register for seasonal programs.

We also offer weekly and monthly peer support programs year-round that do not require registration and provide immediate support.  Please experience these programs before registering for a 10 week closed group.

Click here to learn about our weekly Support & Share Day program

Click here to learn about our monthly Support & Share Night program

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