Support & Share Night Program

For over 35 years, this monthly program has been supporting individuals and families on their journey of grief. It provides an educational component and a peer support group component. Each month we provide an opportunity for you to connect with others in one of the 5 peer support groups that are led by our understanding and compassionate volunteers.  Occasionally we have a guest speaker at the beginning of evening.

Our May 2nd speaker is Kylie Shibli. She is speaking on the topic of ‘Disenfranchised Grief’, as it relates to her personal story of perinatal loss. 

Disenfranchised grief is likely something each bereaved person, at some point during their grief, will encounter.  It is a term describing an aspect of the loss that is not openly acknowledged by society.  That what is lost is considered socially unacceptable, not important, embarrassing or stigmatizing.  Even widely recognized forms of grief can become disenfranchised when well-meaning people discount the impact of the loss on the bereaved or the length of time it takes to grieve.  This results in the bereaved feeling uncomfortable opening up and sharing their grief with others.

Kylie is a Bereaved Families trained facilitator for the Perinatal and Infant Loss Support Groups.  She holds a Masters of Science in Neuroscience, and is a Research Co-ordinator at a CHEO Research Institute.

The 5 peer groups provided each month include:
Loss of Spouse
Loss of Child
Perinatal Loss
Loss of
Loss by Suicide


The first Tuesday of every month, from 7–9 p.m.  No registration required.
(May 2, Jun 6, Jul 4, Aug 1, Sept 5, Oct 3)

We ask for a donation of $10/person or $20/family for those who are able to contribute.  Everyone is welcome regardless of ability to pay.  


St Timothy’s Presbyterian Church, lower hall, 2400 Alta Vista Dr., Ottawa

Look for the sign on the side door of the church hall. Inside the church, take 10 steps and you’ll see stairs and an elevator to the lower level.


Parking is available in the parking lot. For those taking public transit, OC Transpo Bus #8 stops in front of the church.


Contact us for more information: (613) 567-4278 or