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We provide quality 3-day training workshops for bereavement caregivers and 1 hr to ½ day grief education workshops for community groups. Our training programs combine experiential and classroom style learning based on the “companioning” approach to bereavement support.

“I feel prepared to work more closely with people who have experienced loss. I also feel like the debriefing component is very important and wonder how to pull that into my job, particularly with the more emotionally difficult situations. Thank you so much. This has been an invaluable 3 days of learning and sharing. It has given me tools and language to use to help others. It has opened up a new opportunity for me to contribute to my community.”
Participant of the BFO 3 day Grief & Bereavement Support Training

Course Description:

This course is aimed at delivering heath service providers and volunteers the information and tools to enhance their knowledge and better prepare them to support and companion those navigating the wilderness of grief. The training provides an opportunity to learn about grief, the needs of the bereaved, and how better to support them using a peer to peer model.

This course contains individual and group work, and the opportunity to learn from each others personal experiences. It combines experiential and classroom style learning based on the ‘companioning’ approach to bereavement support.

Additional professional training in SafeTALK (see is incorporated into our 3 day training program. It is common in grief to experience a loss of purpose and will in life and to feel unable to cope and carry on. This can lead to thoughts of suicide. As a person companioning the bereaved, we have an opportunity to offer support if we notice signs that indicate someone is struggling. SafeTALK training prepares you to notice the possible signs, and speak directly, openly, confidently and safely to someone who is thinking of suicide.

Below is an example of a previous poster for our training:
BFO Grief & Bereavement Training Poster – Fall 2016

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